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Daily Glimpse February 25, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • ACC Basketball Playing To Less-Than-Full Houses?
    Seems so: Across the 12-team Atlantic Coast Conference this season, the story is much the same. Average home attendance at men’s games, which has fallen in each of the past four seasons, is (as of Monday) tracking 13.5% below the final average from 2006. At Duke, the famously raucous student fans known as “Cameron Crazies” […]
  • A library has a personality, a temperament…
    Leon Wieseltier: …even those books that I have not yet opened—unread books are an essential element of a library—were acquired for the further cultivation of a particular admixture of interests and beliefs, and every one of them will have its hour. The knowledge that qualifies one to be one’s own librarian is partly self-knowledge. The […]
  • Return Of The Credibility Gap
    Via Washington Examiner: “Just pouring sugar on the thing to create a few temporary jobs is going to get us no place,” one Democratic-leaning focus group participant told Democracy Corps. A Republican-leaning particpant was even harsher: “I don’t see the kind of jobs numbers that I hear about from him.” If inflation starts to show […]
  • Syria, From The Man On Whom Nothing Was Lost
    Ambassador Charles Hill: Third, most importantly and urgently, to recognize that the Iranian quasi-empire must be deconstructed and its regime changed.  Syria is the linchpin, for if Assad’s regime can be taken down and replaced by a democratizing process along the current Tunisian mode, then Iran’s imperial archipelago can be broken, with Hezbollah next in […]
  • Platforms, Not Products
    In Land, Straight Lines Make For Square Deals: To carry out this policy required hiring thousands of land surveyors over the next 100 years to mark off ranges and townships and 640-acre plots, along with 320-acre half sections, and 160-acre quarter sections. It was a huge and costly undertaking, but the rectangular survey had dramatic […]
  • Why Can’t the MSM Connect the Economic Dots?
    More a set of examples than an explanation, but it’s still a good question: Politicians and journalists sure seem to believe that voters have the attention span and reasoning ability of a two-year old. Convinced that we are unable to hold multiple concepts in our minds long enough to judge how they fit together, you […]

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