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Daily Glimpse February 22, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • “It Was a Horse!” “It Was a Mule!”
    Beldar on Obamacare’s cognitive dissonance: Flacks for the Obama Administration, including many lefty lawyers and law professors, would love to persuade you, the people, that they’re entitled to rely on one part of the Constitution, the taxing and spending clause, as a justification for Obamacare while they’re arguing in the federal courts over its constitutionality, […]
  • Colorado’s Debt
    Colorado’s Democrats like to make a big deal out of the state not being able to issue debt (even as they do everything possible to get around the restriction).  They’ll point to a low overall debt-to-GDP level, nominally 4.9%.  Once you adjust for pensions and other unfunded liabilities, we’re not in such good shape.  At […]
  • 60 People, 30 Transplants
    Via Donald Marron: The trick is finding those matches and extending them to larger groups. Today’s New York Times has a moving article that illustrates how far this idea has come. Kevin Sack recounts how the 60 people shown above were linked through a chain of 30 kidney transplants thanks to the efforts of Garet Hil and […]
  • Income Inequality and “Coming Apart”
    From Russ Roberts at Cafe Hayek: The Fishtown folk at the top of the graph have never attended college. The Belmont people at the bottom have at least a bachelor’s degree. On average, the Fishtown folk are poor. The Belmont folk are much richer. If the poorest people have the highest divorce rates, the increase […]
  • The 2nd German Miracle
    From the Money Illusion: Starting in 2003, Germany under then-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder began to implement a program of long-term structural reform called “Agenda 2010.” The idea was to transform Germany into an economy where business has an incentive to invest, and where labor has an incentive—and an opportunity—to work. This was pro-growth reform that would […]
  • Who Took The Wind Out Of Green Power’s Sails?
    Natural gas, that’s who.  With one of the all-time best wind power images. Mark Perry has the chart:

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