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Daily Glimpse February 20, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • More Maximalist Executive Muscle-Flexing
    The SEC is apparently forcing corporate boards to vote on the “significant policy issue” that is Net Neutrality, despite the FCC’s lack of legal cover to even make it an official policy.  The DC Circuit Court unanimously ruled that the FCC didn’t have the authority to enact Net Neutrality, but it went ahead and did […]
  • More e-Textbooks
    Competition for Apple’s e-textbook creation software; platforms that offer more collaboration.  With unit production costs falling to zero, we’ll see how much of the cost is in the initial production (and how much more inefficiency can be wrung out of that), and how much is in the monopoly positioning of professors and university presses.
  • Consequences For Thee…
    The new Silicon Valley. Wealthy enough to insulate itself from the consequences of its leftism: High-tech firms once concerned themselves with many of the same things as other manufacturing companies. They worried about electricity rates, obtrusive environmental legislation, high housing prices, and dysfunctional public education. Many naturally supported Republicans, or business-oriented Democrats. But as tech […]
  • Nice Little School You Got There…
    …Shame if anything happened to it. The mayor of Providence, R.I., on Wednesday announced a deal with Johnson & Wales University under which the institution would more than triple its voluntary payments to the financially struggling city, to at least $958,000 a year, the Associated Press reported. The deal is subject to City Council approval. […]
  • Another Reason Not To Take the Ninth Circuit Seriously
    This time, on same-sex marriage, from Baseball Crank (Dan McLaughlin): Tradition, history, culture, social recognition: these things were good enough, not only for Justice Douglas in 1965, but for the Ninth Circuit panel majority itself in its own discussion of the reasons why the term “marriage” matters and has value – yet they suddenly become […]
  • Higher Ed Bubble Correction
    In Indian B-Schools: The Indian management education sector grew so wildly when demand was rampant (today there are 3,900 management schools with close to 3.5 lakh seats) that supply overshot demand by a long straw. And now comes the fallout. In a dramatic, though not entirely unexpected, development, as many as 65 business management colleges […]
  • Coriolanus
    A difficult tale, well-told: In his directorial debut, Fiennes takes a strong story and brings out its potential creating with a strong script and solid performances. Noteworthy in particular are Fiennes and Redgrave, a woman who seems to be speaking to the audience itself when she seeks to compel her son to change alliances. This […]
  • Redefining Religious Activity
    From Rabbi Meir Soloveichik: What I wish to focus on this morning is the exemption to the new insurance policy requirements that the administration did carve out from the outset: to wit, exempting from the new insurance policy obligations religious organizations that do not employ or serve members of other faiths.  From this exemption carved […]

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