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Incuriousness From The Washington Post

In a generally upbeat assessment of how Muslims feel about America, and about their place in it, the Washington Post drops this bit about how American Muslims feel about the job their own clergy is doing in fighting radicalism:

The Pew study found that six in 10 U.S.-born Muslims faulted Islamic leaders for not speaking out against extremism, as did 43 percent of Muslim immigrants.

Officials with Muslim advocacy groups say that they have spoken out repeatedly against extremists but that the American public, including Muslims, often doesn’t hear about it.

“Our reach in terms of community awareness of our programs promoting moderation is not where we’d like it to be,” said Safaa Zarzour, secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America, the nation’s largest Muslim group.

I do think it’s heartening that the American-born Muslims are more likely to expect more out of their leaders in this regard.  (It’s hard to know what goes on in any individual mosque, and it’s unclear what leaders the survey is referring to, so I can’t really comment on the absolute numbers.)  And we’re not just talking about public statements.  Muslims leaders should also be in a position to do due diligence on overseas charities and their representatives that go on fundraising swings here in the States.

But that line about the ISNA is rich in irony.  The Islamic Society of North America – it goes unmentioned by the Post remains an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land case, which involved coordination among a number of high-profile American Muslim organization to funnel money to Hamas, in violation of American law and fundamental civilizational principles.  That coordination was organized and facilitated by the Muslim Brotherhood, that well-known, largely secular group.

So the ISNA, which aided and abetted the murder of Jews overseas, just can’t understand why people don’t think they’re moderate enough

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Tuesday Morning Spy

It’s not just the Denver Post who’s incurious.

It’s not just guitar-makers who are getting sandbagged.

And it’s not just Wisconsin who’s letting local governments cut down on fringe benefits.

Why the address for protesting Gilad Shalit’s captivity is Gaza, not Jerusalem.  The left sees this as a way to bludgeon Netanyahu, but any honest moral reading should blame Hamas.

What adults expect from a liberal arts education.  We know, because they’ll pay good money for it.  Maybe we should expect the same thing for people who are going into lifelong debt for it?

CalPERS admits that more conservative pension debt valuations make sense.  PERA, are you listening?

Once you get past the academic-speak, LIT., a Core77 design winner, is a very cool interface.


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