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Bob Balink and Duncan Bremer Weigh In

Bob Balink, El Paso Treasurer and former El Paso County Clerk & Recorder, and Duncan Bremer, former El Paso County Commissioner, have weighed in with a precise tactical nuclear strike about what putting people like Jon Hotaling and Dudley Brown (more about him in a moment) in charge of the State Republican  Party would mean, including a number of angles that, not surprisingly, I hadn’t considered.

Primaries don’t have to be divisive. The can make both the winner and loser stronger candidates, can generate interest, and can help the party define itself. But the sort of behavior that Hotaling et. al. engage in makes one wonder if there ought to be a maturity exam for graduating high school.

As for Mr. Brown, he’s also closely associated with Jon Hotaling.  Well, birds of a feather.

I have my own experience with Dudley “Just Call Me ‘Zool'” Brown, one that is apparently not dissimilar from that of other candidates who didn’t return his questionnaire. With the same unerring instinct for alienating those who agree with him, Dudley decided to chime in on a completely unrelated FB thread to torpedo my own candidacy:


This was in the general election, fer cryin’ out loud.  A number of friends – people who are actually familiar with my politics – jumped to my defense, of course, but I’m a big boy, and schoolyard taunts from people of Dudley’s stature don’t particularly bother me.   But this sort of behavior – along with its entitlement mentality – transplanted to the Party HQ is going to start costing us elections.

Before we elect Ted Harvey State Chairman, it’s time for him to tell his posse to stay home.

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