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Hotaling Letter a Fraud

Well, it turns out that being first isn’t always being right.

The letter sent out over Jon Hotaling’s name, using the PO Box address of the Colorado Christian Coalition in Denver turns out not to have been written by Jon Hotaling, but by someone playing an extraordinarily dirty game for relatively low stakes.

As mentioned before, the letter was received by a number of members of the State Central Committee, one of whom scanned the letter.

I suppose if you blog enough, this sort of thing is bound to happen, but that doesn’t really excuse it. ┬áDirty politics is one thing, but this is fraudulent through and through, and it was through misfortune and over-eagerness that I got caught in it.

My apologies to Jon Hotaling directly, and to Ted Harvey, for having run with a story that was evidently calculated by someone to damage their reputations.

Since there’s no benefit to leaving a fraudulent letter posted on the net, I’ve removed the post, and posted Hotaling’s reply , and will embed it here when it’s done processing over at SlideShare.


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