The Power to Tax…

… is the power to attract Fortune 500 companies.  At least according to State Senator Chris Romer (click for Audio).

I don’t think you’ll get any more Fortune 500 companies until we lean to solve the Gordian Knot.  So sir, we are not gonna get what you want, until we learn to raise our taxes.  Bottom line.

At some level, it’s refreshing to hear Sen. Romer defending corporate welfare so vigorously.  But of course, that’s not really what he’s doing.  The Gordian Knot he refers to is the logjam of Amendment 23, the Gallagher Amendment (which apportions personal and corporate property taxes) and TABOR, which limits how much money the state can take in.  Amendment 23 requires increased spending on K-12, a sacrament for the left.

So next time, when you hear someone (read, Rep. Lois Court) referring to solving the Gordian Knot, you’ll know the code.  Having added dozens of programs, hundreds of employees, and hundreds of millions of dollars to the state budget over the last 6 years, they’ll talk about “solving the Gordian Knot” in order to avoid “sucking the marrow” out of the state government.

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