Daily Glimpse November 14, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Putting African “Power Pimps” Out of Business
    What do you do when you have cell phones but no power? It’s hard to imagine the concept of a “power pimp” in Africa unless you have lived there. But it makes sense and cents on a continent that lacks a unified power system. There is basically no electric power in most rural places unless […]
  • Tea Party Despair and ObamaCare
    A piece from a few weeks ago that’s still valid: Despair is a contagion that can kill a political movement. As Pete Wehnerbrilliantly noted here earlier today in his piece about the Tea Party mindset, the apocalyptic view of the ObamaCare defunding fight has led many conservatives to take an all-or-nothing position that sees greater value […]
  • Fed Really, Really Wants to End Too Big to Fail
    Barry Ritholtz at Bloomberg notices consensus at the Fed on at least one policy issue: Perhaps most notable is Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard W. Fisher’s remarks, Ending ‘Too Big to Fail,’ earlier this year. A conservative who dislikes government intervention in markets and despises bailouts, Fisher is concerned that TBTF will eventually require more of both. […]

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