Daily Glimpse November 13, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • 100 Best, 100(+) Years Ago
    The perishability of immortality. The 100 Best Novels, as selected in 1898: Sometime editor of the Illustrated London News, an authority on the Brontës and Napoleon, Clement K. Shorter was in the middle of a flourishing career when this list appeared in the monthly journal called The Bookman. He doesn’t explain what exactly makes a book one of […]
  • State And Local Government Austerity Is Over
    So says Bill McBride over at Calculated Risk: The blue bars are for residential investment (RI), and RI was a significant drag on GDP for several years. Now RI has been adding added to GDP growth. The red bars are the contribution from state and local governments.  Although not as big a drag as the housing […]
  • The Case for Kurdistan
    It’s not just cynical manipulation, or at least, it doesn’t have to be: The Kurds scattered contiguously across Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, are a group whose interests make them a natural partner to the US in the Middle East. While they are Sunni Muslims, the Kurds identify overwhelmingly with their cultural and linguistic heritage, […]
  • Republicans, Some Democrats Backed Failing Energy Company
    It turns out there’s an energy boondoggle worse than Solyndra out there: Public support for the United States Enrichment Corp. far exceeds what was lost on the infamous Solyndra solar energy boondoggle, and funding provided ostensibly to build a new plant will almost certainly yield the same results for taxpayers — nothing. The company has […]
  • Why Ken Cuccinelli Really Lost
    Rich Shaftan, an experienced political consultant, brings a sober analysis to the table, dispelling myths and drawing lessons.  Everything I’ve seen from Rick is level-headed and devoid of the blamethrowing that’s become far too common in these post-mortems.  Among the key items: THE “REPUBLICAN PARTY SCREWED CUCCINELLI” MYTH The Republican Governor’s Association put $8 Million […]

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