Dems Try to Tar Republicans With…Slavery?!?

Gawker seems to think it has a scoop of some kind, trumpeting the fact that the Republicans are meeting in the Burwell Room of the Kingsmill Resort (named for a formed slave plantation) to discuss – ta da! – minority outreach.  The irony, the sheer hypocrisy of such a thing is apparently too much for them to bear.  And local DU polisci professor Seth Masket, on Twitter, is equally enthralled.

Let’s remember that the GOP is the reason that neither Burwell Plantation nor the location of the resort are slave plantations any more.  Masket knows this, but still thinks that somehow the GOP is tarred by association with slavery.

Of course, the Democrats have been holding retreats there for years (1998, 2007, 2008, 2009 – where President Obama spoke), and President Obama did his 2nd debate prep there this past year, without anyone commenting on the location.  There’s a good reason for that – it doesn’t matter.  Many fine resorts in the south are located on former plantations; it’s a good use for the land.  That it was a plantation 150 years ago should be cause for celebration.

If anyone has reason to be embarrassed about holding meetings there, it’s the party of slavery and secession, not the GOP.

But then, trying to make the Republicans atone for Democratic sins is a favorite media and academic pastime.

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