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  • #HigherEdBubble news from @Mark_J_Perry
    I’m going to guess that Udacity won’t have a top-heavy administration.
  • Truckers Spending Money, Not Adding Capacity @joc_talk
    Truck carriers are buying more trucks, but it’s mostly to replace older fleets, rather than to expand fleet sizes.  The problem, according to Werner Enterprises (where I work for a living), is that there’s a pretty serious driver shortage.  So in the short term, this is going to drive up costs and probably expand profits […]
  • DC Metro Suffers Complete Shutdown @ggwash
    Pretty much the whole system went down: “Metro suffered a complete system failure last night around 11:30 pm. The failures were so extensive that all communications, including track circuits, were out of service.” When I lived in DC, people were proud of the combination subway-light rail.  The trains were packed, and while they basically proved […]
  • Illinois, Obama’s Economic Thought Leader
    Well, we had better hope not.  High unemployment combined with a terrible state credit rating.  For the umpteen millionth time, evidence that high taxes and heavy regulation don’t actually work.  I’m not sure a flat tax is inherently “fairer,” in the way that most people use the term.  But it would probably do a better […]
  • Regulate Incentives, Not Outcomes
    Via Russ Roberts at Cafe Hayek: What is notable about contemporary reform is that there is little effort to change the incentives that caused bank executives to take the big risks and a huge emphasis on regulating their choices. The implicit assumption seems to be that incentives and the assignment of liability plays only a […]
  • Ranking the States by Competitiveness @DesktopEcon
    Colorado ranks slightly better than average, but look at the two biggest winners: Texas and North Dakota.  Given our coal and shale, we really ought to be doing better than this.
  • Romney’s Economic Case Against Obama @aei
    In one chart:
  • 25 Time-Lapse Videos @pixiqphoto
    From landscapes to portraits being drawn.

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