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Bad Behavior

Finally, the bad blood on the Democrat side of the ledger is getting some attention

The U.S. Senate Democratic primary campaign turned confrontational Saturday when about 100 supporters of Andrew Romanoff turned up at a campaign event for his opponent, Sen. Michael Bennet.

The Romanoff backers chanted and tried to interrupt the event, a news conference called by Bennet to slam his opponent for stooping to a deceptive attack campaign instead of focusing on issues.

While Romanoff’s ad is politics-as-usual (a strategy not without its own risks), showing up to disrupt your opponent’s press conferences is reminiscent of something else. 

I’ve said before to my Republican friends that the Democrats have all the same problems that we do, we just don’t often see them because we’re on the outside looking in on that drama, and we’re also very wrapped up on our own soap opera.  But even as we’re busy sorting out our own nomination, it can be instructive to see how the other side is behaving.

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