Western Conservative Summit Roundup

From Ben at Mt. Virtus:

The Summit featured many top-notch speeches, all marked by a thematic consistency. The flow of the conference appeared to feed off the broader energy and enthusiasm among the Tea Party crowd for downsizing Washington and embracing fiscal responsibility and Constitutional government. National security and immigration also were key themes — and largely geared less for a libertarian audience. Judging by the enthusiastic reactions, the hundreds who attended got what they wanted to hear: including many stirring, motivating, ennobling words.

From Michelle at Mom for Freedom:

Funny thing is, I’m no fan of the term “tea party” applied as a label to this incredible freedom revival all across our land.  Just wraps it up and constricts it way too tightly!  I covered that briefly, PLUS I got to bring my football and share the big picture vision of the Super Bowl for freedom in 2010.

From Al at Reclaim the Blue:

There’s already plenty of reporting about the event so it would be pointless to repeat simply what happened. Just google the event. What is a little more interesting is how the event is reported.

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