Destination Imagination

This evening, the Republican 1st Congressional District held its assembly over at Hill Middle School, placing Dr. Mike Fallon on the primary ballot as the presumptive nominee.  Given Rep. Diana DeGette’s long (many would say overly-long) tenure in her seat, some might be forgiven for thinking that the headline for this posting applies to him, but Mike brings confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and a winning personality to the campaign.

One of the most fun parts of the evening was the total lack of air conditioning, which at least contributed to people wanting to conclude business in an orderly fashion.  It also meant that the 8th-grade Destination Imagination team, selling cookies and water for their trip to the Global Finals in Tennessee in a couple of weeks were doing a brisk business in water.

Destination Imagination is an international program that sets out engineering and scientific challenges each year at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels.  Hill’s 8th-grade team chose the robot challenge, and finished 2nd at States in April, so are preparing for their competition at globals.

It is, perhaps, an additional point of pride that Hill Middle School is an Arts & Sciences magnet school located in HD-6.

Have a safe trip, and good luck at Globals!

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