Daily Glimpse December 9, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Quantum Entanglement Gives Rise to Wormholes?
    That’s the theory, anyway. But what enables particles to communicate instantaneously—and seemingly faster than the speed of light—over such vast distances? Earlier this year, physicists proposed an answer in the form of “wormholes,” or gravitational tunnels. The group showed that by creating two entangled black holes, then pulling them apart, they formed a wormhole—essentially a […]
  • Play-i Crowdfunds $1.4 Million
    We mentioned these robots last week in a post about teaching kids programming.  Here’s a fuller description of how they’ll work: The app presents visual sequences of actions and simple commands on the iPad that kids can then perform — like clapping, waving their hand or shaking one of the robots — that compel the […]
  • Abandoned Building Photography
    And not ruin porn from Detroit, either:
  • Bike Service At Your Service
    Beeline Bikes Like Uber? He started Beeline Bikes, which is kind of like an Uber or Homejoy for bike tune-ups. They have mobile vans, outfitted with all kinds of parts (see below) and trained mechanics that can fix up many bikes over the course of a day. The nine-person startup has three initial vans and the […]
  • Healthcare.gov: Unrealistic Technology Expectations
    Gee, ya think? The fiasco with the $600 million federal health insurance website wasn’t all bureaucratic. Forcing slow and disparate databases run by government and insurance companies to work together in real time—and then launching the service all at once—would have challenged even technology wunderkinds. In particular, the project was doomed by a relatively late […]
  • Misshapen, F1-Inspired Electric Motorcycle Is Coming to the U.S.
    Hey, innovation looks different.  Get used to it. The concern isn’t the look, it’s the handling, along with the recharge time and range issues that are endemic to electric vehicles.  I still think the right model is battery-swaps.
  • Russians Zipline a Car
    Across a River: There’s video, too. This might seem crazy, but it’s very similar to how Indian Bridge at Lee’s Ferry in Utah was built.  The nearest crossings were a long way upriver and downriver, so for a while, they were loading up cars with material and sending them back and forth over the canyon […]
  • Grand Canyon Temperature Inversion
    Doesn’t happen often, even less often on a sunny day.

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