Facts Remain Facts

Facts remain facts.

Now, the One Big Unpleasant Fact is that Obama got re-elected, and will be President for the next four years, with all that means.

Make no mistake, the administration and the rest of the institutional left talk of “consensus” to claim mandates far beyond what the public actually bestowed, and will attempt to portray opposition as racist.  It will pursue its agenda through aggressive rule-making.  It will reward friends, punish enemies, seek revenge, punch back twice as hard, bring guns to knife-fights, and will continue to consider us, fellow citizens, as the only real enemy.

But the facts that conservatives cited during the campaign don’t cease to be true, just because of the election.

  • Global warming did not cause Hurricane Sandy
  • Obamacare will cost you more and limit your choices
  • The administration’s energy policies will necessarily cause the cost of heating your home to skyrocket
  • The deficit and the debt are primarily a result of massive overspending
  • Gunning the printing presses causes inflation
  • A cyclical recession will happen again, maybe sooner that we think, certainly sooner than we want
  • Lower tax rates produce higher revenue; growth produces more happiness
  • Entitlement spending and public pensions are going to eat us alive
  • A smaller Navy is a less effective Navy
  • An American retreat from the world will have dire, savage consequences both for our economy and our values
  • Political Islam remains a deadly enemy, and Iran remains the geopolitical engine behind political Islam
  • Benghazi is a scandal in the truest, least political, most damaging sense of the word

None of this changes.  None of this is any less true today than it was yesterday.  All of it needs to be repeated.  Joe Biden may mock math, but math will have the last laugh.  It’s our job to make sure that that laugh is on him, not us.

Our arguments in favor of civil society over Big Government, of individual freedom over bureaucratic diktat, of rights-as-individuals over rights-as-groups are still as valid as ever.  Their truth isn’t diminished by an election, or even by a series of elections.

The Republicans didn’t lose any ground in the House, and every Republican Congressman who was elected can honestly say that they were elected to keep taxes low and cut spending.  Their seats and their half of Congress are no less legitimate than the Executive branch.

There’s no reason we can’t be personally gracious to our friends who are Democrats, but politically as generous as the Democrats are when they lose.

After all, facts remain facts.

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