Daily Glimpse July 12, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • New Jersey Budget Problem?
    From the WaPo: The state’s fiscal woes have prompted serious concern from ratings agencies like Moody’s, which said recently that the state’s economy through the next year “will likely remain muted given recent tax revenue trends and our expectation that the state’s economic recovery will lag the U.S,” as the New Jersey Record reports. The revenue shortfalls […]
  • Californians Break With Unions on Pensions
    Walter Russell Mead on Californians and public pensions: What makes this all very much worse from the unions’ point of view is that if (and when) a truly major and prolonged statewide budget emergency comes, attitudes are likely to harden against them even more. When voters “get” just how much of a tradeoff they face […]
  • The Political Cudgel – And The Embedded Nail
    Pat Caddell: Why?  Some Republicans are worried that the fight over Obamacare distracts from the issue of the economy. What these Republicans fail to realize is that healthcare and the economy are inextricably linked; Americans now realize that Obamacare was a detour on the road to economic recovery, so to remind them of one is […]

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