Registration They Can Believe In

A campaign wedding registry?  Really?

Like so much else I find distasteful about the insinuation of politics into every corner of my life, it starts out as eye-rollingly dumb, until it becomes the norm.

I’m not sure this is evil in and of itself, but it certainly is tacky.  It’s asking people to overtly politicize personal and family events.  I already can’t stand it when sporting events, symphony concerts, non-topical plays, become the platform for someone’s idea of evangelizing for their political affiliation.  I think it’s insidious and destructive to the country – and I mean that exactly – when people begin choosing what body shop or barber shop to patronize based on the owner’s political affiliation.

There should be certain events that are, by their nature, non-political, unless the politics is related directly to the people hosting the event.  The clowns running this country really think that it’s healthy for politics to be as important to you as it is to them.




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