Daily Glimpse February 23, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • US Corporations Actually Do Pay Too Much
    It’s not just the statutory rate that’s too high, it’s also the effective rate. @JimPethokoukis
  • Vehicle Miles Up In December
    But Calculated Risk is more optimistic about the effect of high gas prices than I am.  Sudden increases don’t really leave time for gradual or even moderate increases in efficiency.
  • Businessmen Who Don’t Understand Economics
    ICS Chairman Polemis Calls For Shipbuilding Moratorium: In the current global climate of “massive uncertainty,” with rates in all key segments highly volatile and barely economic for operators, he called for restraint from owners and intervention from governments. The global container fleet is set to grow 8.3 percent, or 1.28 million 20-foot equivalent unit, this […]
  • Redefining the Kilogram
    It’s about time. Well, it’s really about mass, but it’ll be good to have weights and measures defined in terms of universal constants.
  • Richelieu, World Series of Poker Champion
    A review of Eminence: Cardinal Richelieu and the Rise of France: Richelieu’s statecraft involved as much dangerous risk taking as his domestic political career. In 1618, what would become known as the Thirty Years’ War broke out — Europe’s last great spasm of religious warfare, in which a furious conflict between a series of Protestant […]
  • Iran May Need To Dig Deeper
    The New Israeli Bunker Buster: February 21, 2012: Israel has developed a new 500 pound (227 kg) penetrator bomb, the MPR-500. The MPR-500 can smash through more than a meter (39 inches) of concrete, or four 200mm (8 inch) concrete barriers (floors or bunker walls) and then detonate. When the MPR-500 explodes, it releases 26,000 […]
  • Who Dat?
    Even as I write this, the Colorado House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee is hearing testimony on Rep. Szabo’s bill to require a Photo ID for voting, HB12-1111.  While it will probably pass out of the committee, the Dems will continue straining gnats (last time it was a couple of dozen residents of a […]
  • KXL, Win-Win-Win
    From Walter Russell Mead: By forcing American refineries in the Gulf to import more expensive Brent crude rather than the cheaper West Texas Intermediate variety, the status quo is frittering away national wealth and GDP. I guess that makes that natural gas divorce even more expensive for the rest of us.  I wonder how many […]
  • Remember When ‘Progressives” Were Against Machine Politics?
    It’s been a while: Falk’s candidacy will be built around the issue of public-sector collective bargaining—not the 150,000 jobs Wisconsin lost in the past two years, or the state’s rapidly increasing health-care costs, or the deficits in the transportation fund, among many other challenges. … “Government by the political machine is without exception the rule […]
  • 50%, Oh So Close
    Nearly Half of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes For what it’s worth, in Jewish law, even people who exist solely on charity have to give charity.   http://legalinsurrection.com/2012/02/obama-approaches-the-key-50-mark/
  • Public Colleges Charge Differently For Different Majors
    Via the Chronicle, public colleges across the country are charging different amounts for different majors: Some form of differential tuition, or tuition that varies by academic program, is charged at 143 public colleges, according to a new report from the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute. The proportion of colleges offering differential tuition is highest—41 percent—among […]
  • Taliban Will Not Renounce Al Qaeda
    Taliban will not renounce al Qaeda: “They [al Qaeda] are among the first groups and banners that pledged allegiance to the Emir of the Believers [Mullah Omar, the leader of the Afghan Taliban], and they operate in Afghanistan under the flag of the Islamic Emirate,” Wazir said. “They are an example of discipline and accuracy […]
  • First In War, First In Peace…

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