Daily Glimpse January 31, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • #Azerbaijan on Iran Sanctions: Not a Market Opportunity @eurasianet
    Azerbaijan looks as though it’s getting ticked off with its neighbors the mullahs, and is willing to go along with sanctions, and doesn’t see it a chance to increase its own oil exports.
  • The UK-EU Ties Begin To Tremble #anglosphere
    Open Europe’s call for repatriating crime and policing laws back to the UK will be taken up by Britain’s all-party parliamentary committee on EU reform.  Sounds less like reform and more like retreat, which is a good thing. When even Labour is calling for repatriation of EU money back to the UK, you know you’ve […]
  • Fritz Goro: The Art of Science #design #photography @life
    Classic science photography from Life.
  • Why Obama Stacked the #NLRB @dailycaller @kausmickey
    Unionization rate nears zero. Unions relying more and more on government support, while the administration relies more and more on government unions.
  • Posters From the El @life_salon @printmag #design
    Classic London Underground posters have met their match in the Chicago Transit.  
  • Another Blow For the Climateers @powerlineblog
    Still no net warming since 1998. I once got into a heated discussion with a warmist friend of mine about this non-trend, and the best he could do was attack me for selectively accepting UN Climate Change Panel data.  It was a pretty weak performance from a usually-thoughtful guy, but also pretty much all he […]
  • Mark Your Calendars, Solar Eclipse, May 20 @phys_org
    Looks like the western US will get a good look, and since it’s a Sunday, we can drive southwest to see totality.
  • US House GOP to Link Energy, Infrastructure, #ANWR, #KeystoneXL
    Seems like a logical connection to me.  The House GOP is going to link ANWR and offshore drilling, and Keystone XL, to increased infrastructure funding.  Since I’m all for all of these, I like it.  Don’t count on the Democrats going along, though.
  • Richard Epstein Schools Jeffrey Sachs on Libertarianism @DefiningIdeas
    Sachs can only attack libertarianism by caricaturing it. The popular version of the term libertarian does not convey solely this meaning. The second branch of libertarian theory is classical liberalism. It takes a somewhat larger view of government that makes it a bit more elusive to characterize. The classical liberal does not deny the importance […]
  • A #3DPrinting Roundup @doingitwrong
    Lisa Harouni gives TED a primer on how 3D printing works. Tim Maly rebuts Chris Mims’ claim that 3D printing is just a passing fancy. And the BBC compares the product vs. platform competing visions of how to bring 3D printing to the consumer.  (Along with the obligatory environmental alarmism.)
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