Daily Spy January 28, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • A 3-D Glimpse
    The New York Public Library re-creates the View Master online (h/t Popular Science), with its online collection of stereographs.  I can usually get the photos to overlay on my own, but for those without independently-moving eyeballs, this is really cool.
  • Battery-Swaps Go Live
    An Israeli company is giving the battery-swapping model of electric cars a live test.  The ranges are still too low for the US, but I think if electric cars are going to work, this is the only viable recharging solution.
  • The Debt – Worse Than You Think @dmarron
    Yes, even worse than that: This range of figures – $10 trillion, $14 trillion, $50 trillion – sows confusion about how indebted the United States is. Yet none of them captures all of America’s debts. The government has a host of other obligations that often get overlooked. These other liabilities appear in the government’s little-known […]
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