Daily Spy January 23, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Stop-Motion of a Drummer
    Frederick Winslow Taylor, meet Gene Krupa.  Seriously, wouldn’t it be cool to compare “Sing, Sing, Sing” with Check Webb and Buddy Rich?
  • About That Countrywide Settlement
    Leftover money to be distributed according to ACORN’s mission statement.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • How To Make Choosing Easier
    There is such a thing as “too many choices.” What Wal-Mart could learn from Aldi, or from “Moscow On the Hudson,” for that matter.  Right now, if I had to get a new smartphone, or even a new SLR, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to optimize my choice.  Like a […]
  • Building Better Interfaces…
    …through science fiction.
  • The Tricorder May Be Within Reach
    ‘The ubiquity of smartphones, and rapid developments in artificial intelligence and cloud computing have turned the tricorder into more than a pipedream. “We launch X-Prizes when we think the technology is at a tipping point,” says X Prize CEO Peter Diamandis.’  It’ll work by aggregating massive amounts of patient data to correlate with symptoms.  This […]
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