Thursday Morning Spy

We begin overseas this morning.

China offers the defense of the guilty (a paraphrase of “contains significant errors and inaccuracies”) in response to a Pentagon report claiming that it’s pointing nukes at India.  Between that and a developing blue-water navy, China’s neighbors will either band together or cut a deal.

What’s that?  Did someone mention China’s navy?

One of the Mitt Romney’s weaknesses is his thin foreign and defense file.  But power abhors a vacuum, and right now, we’re sucking the life out of our own navy.  Good for him for calling attention to this.

And one last Asia post, noting again, for the benefit of friends of ethanol, non-friends of math, that when you reduce supply, prices rise.

The former European editor of The Guardian argues that, suddenly, the European people (as though they mattered) are in favor of more central power for Brussels.  Or at least they will be, once their betters tell them to be.

So the EU is being a thought-follower and banning 60-watt light bulbs.  Which leads the fluorescent bulb-makers to raise their prices by 25%.  The bulb-makers are just taking advantage of a rent-seeking opportunity, of course, but does anyone over there (or over here) understand that this is just sand in the already-lurching gears of world manufacturing?

James Lileks, call your office.  Tell them you’ll be going out for lunch.

The good news: Fannie and Freddie say the delinquencies have stabilized.  The bad news: that’s like hearing from your doctor that you’re in stable but critical condition.

DOJ on T-Mobile/AT&T: hey, if we won’t let them create jobs the old-fashioned way, can we at least skim a little off the top for the attorneys?

Megan McArdle on media bias: it’s not the answers, it’s the questions.  It’s Asymmetrical Information!

We’ve seen a lot of unconstitutional stupidity.  Here’s a case of constitutional stupidity.  What, aside from their own paychecks, are these regulators protecting?

Suitcase nukes.  Not what you think.  Because wind’s not an option there, either.

Today’s infographic: what do you call that body of flowing water nearby?

Privacy protection with Flickr, featuring an intuitive interface.  Adam Savage, paging Adam Savage.

And to close up for this morning, some thoughts on your next vacation.  “Hey Rocky, why don’t we jump off a cliff?”

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