Wednesday Morning Spy

Iran sees some strategic value in helping the Libyan rebels.  Well, since we were mostly just interested in preventing a refugee flood into Europe, they probably have more staying power, too.

State pensions.  You thought it was bad?  It’s worse.

Maybe we could just cherry-pick BC, Alberta, and the plains provinces.

Sorry, Airports Council.  Airport slots are a commodity.  These were the same guys who were arguing for more freedom to raise passenger charges to secure revenue bonds.  But the airports involved are almost all government-run, so it’s more about autonomy than the market for them.

Well, that’s ok.  Soon the pilots won’t know which direction the gates are, anyway.

That’s right, from a government that can’t program its own labor rules into an iPhone app when they’re sober.  (You assume facts not in evidence, sir.)

Republicans float a proposal to actually, you know, use our leverage to force the UN to reform.  And this is just the low-hanging fruit.

Remember when we all mourned the loss of Bell Labs?  Microsoft has the room, the time, the talent, and the money to fund applied research, too.

How the EU might be able to get around its treaty limitations, and issue Eurobonds. And here’s why they might want to:

Meanwhile, in an interview with FAZ, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé warned, “The dissolution of the eurozone is not acceptable, because it would also be the dissolution of Europe. If that happens, then everything is possible. Young people seem to believe that peace is guaranteed for all time…But if we look around in Europe there is new populism and nationalism. We cannot play with that.”

Eurobonds by Eurocrats.  Sound about right.  Maybe if the all-vanilla center-left-center-right-center parties hadn’t outlawed debate on anything substantive, they might find more support.  There’s basically no address where the average European can go to complain about things, or to effect change.

Joseph Epstein on the race-, class-, and gender-obsessed gated communities that English departments have become:

Yet, through the magic of dull and faulty prose, the contributors to “The Cambridge History of the American Novel” have been able to make these presumably worldly subjects seem parochial in the extreme—of concern only to one another, which is certainly one derogatory definition of the academic. These scholars may teach English, but they do not always write it, at least not quite.

One-third of the US corn crop could be vulnerable to bugs that have adapted around Monsanto’s GM line.  Well, with any luck, it’ll be the third we were sending to ethanol.

States ask for Medicaid relief.  They should know.  They can’t even estimate the costs of their own policy changes.

Better plans for better boarding time, through math.

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