Monday Morning Spy

Hey, Tom Friedman, call your office.  Those environmentally- and safety-conscious Chinese have done it again, as their major oil refinery catches on fire for the 2nd time in the last few months.

Europe, call a cab.  It looks as though Germany is throwing you out of its basement.

Or, you could call for a bus.  More on why inter-city bus travel is better than trains.

Paul Krugman, call it quits.  Just because Republicans don’t like your version of the dismal science doesn’t mean they don’t like science at all.

Maybe next time you use GPS while driving, you won’t need to call a wrecker.  Using the Android phones’ camera to keep your eyes on the road, even when they’re not.

If Iowa’s a single-issue ethanol state, then Rick Perry will need to call for backup.  I get the feeling, though, that he’s researched this question a little more than we think.

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