Sunday Morning Spy

Canadian Health Care:  Maybe they should just let people pay.

Gulf Oil: Maybe this is just a way to keep our reserves high.

Traffic Signals: Banding cell phone together to do the work, so traffic engineers don’t have to.

Global Warming: Glad the science is settled.

The Marcellus Shale: Up and down.  Down, compared to the EIA.  Up, compared to the old USGS report.

Bailout Envy: It’s not just for the Germans, any more.  Slovakia keeping its fiscal house in shape.

Asian Carp: Now, if they had gotten into Caliornia’s Big Valley, they’d be in trouble.

Go To Work: To (not in) a grey flannel suit.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:  Steve Jobs, that is.  The gallery, the analysis, the company, and you.

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