For this evening, Waterloo, IA is the center of the Republican political universe.  It wouldn’t have been 2 weeks ago, but this happens to Iowa towns with some regularity, so they handle it well.  The Black Hawk County Republicans have done a nice job handling the plague of locusts reporters who have descended on the place.  All I wanted was a good sound location for the recorder.  What I got was a microphone feed.  I’ll post the sound from Perry and Bachmann (cast listed in order of appearance) later this evening.

I’ve spoken to a couple of Iowans here, and while that’s not necessarily a representative sample, there does seem to be some open-mindedness about things.  One Romney supporter from 2008 is undecided this year.  Another older fellow, unhappy with the caucus system because is makes it difficult for seniors to participate, is planning to support Perry.

I’ll stay away from the usual bromides about Iowa politics and the press.  Everything you’ve heard it true.  But if Perry is half as good a retail politician as he appears to be at first glance, he’ll do well in February.


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