The Most Popular Man In Town

Is usually the backup quarterback.  Right now, Rick Perry is polling extremely well.  He’s played this skillfully so far, not letting himself be rushed, getting people to ask him to enter, and them building up a fundraising effort and making all the right contacts.  (Personally, I like what I see so far; he’s turned what was a weak office into a strong one, and made Texas  – Gen. Kearney notwithstanding – into where Galt’s Gulch would be located if Rand were writing today.  This stops well short of an endorsement, I’d just like to see him have a chance to make his case.)

That said, we really don’t know how he’ll do on the big stage of a presidential race, or much about his governing style yet.  He’s the backup quarterback, whose popularity largely reflects discontent with the starters.  Time will tell if he’s Tom Brady or Bubby Brister,.

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