Senator Bennet: “Fleeing From Colorado Families Tour”

Senator Michael Bennet has just announced a “Health Care Conversation” tomorrow in Pueblo.

100 tickets are available. Details, and the sign-up form for Sen. Bennett’s Health Care Lottery here:

(We can only hope it works better than the Health Care Lottery the Democrats have in mind.)

Senator Bennet has been running from Front Range voters during the August recess. During his “Fleeing from Colorado Families Tour,” he scheduled only one event in Denver, an invitation-only discussion at Denver Health. (Photos here:  You can see about a dozen doctors and nurses in the photo.

I can’t blame him for spending the summer in the high country and the western slope.  If I didn’t have to work for a living, that’s where I’d be, too.  But while I recognize the importance of including the entirety of our state in this debate,  Sen. Bennet’s scarcity to most of Colorado’s population speaks volumes about his lack of confidence in the proposals he appears ready to embrace.

For most Coloradoans, this may be the only chance they get to confront their selected official on this issue.  Let’s make the most of it.

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