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Daily Glimpse December 10, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Could dark matter be hiding in plain sight in existing experiments?
    Particles called axions could be creating noise in superconducting devices: Axions were not originally proposed as a solution to the dark matter problem. Instead, they are a possible way to solve a pressing problem in quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the theory of the strong force, which governs quarks and their interactions. Most interactions in physics work […]
  • Obama Joins the Patriarchy
    The Obama White House continues to pay its women staffers less than its men:
  • Last Friday’s Fonts
    How the 70s saw the future?  This site has Free Font Friday, usually worth taking a look at.
  • How Much Is Enough?
    We are constantly being told that the US doesn’t spend enough on education.  Compared to whom, exactly?
  • Obama at Saban
    Lee Smith thinks the issue is settled, that Obama has taken the military option off the table: One early clue that the administration had already discounted the military option was its opposition to imposing sanctions. The strategic purpose of sanctions was not to destroy the Iranian economy, or even just to force the regime to […]
  • Israeli Startups Funding Using OurCrowd
    A different startup crowdfunding model: That’s where the hybrid model comes in, with OurCrowd, an Israeli crowdfunding platform that allows only accredited investors to invest in startups that have been curated by the OurCrowd team. This allows startups to gather lower financial commitments, but from a larger pool of investors, while still maintaining the focused […]
  • The Democrats’ Civil War
    Jacob Heilbrunn in the National Interest: But the notion that discontent is a basis for governing is another matter. Just because these sentiments are passionately and genuinely held does not mean that they are practical or even beneficial economically or politically. The fact is that Third Way has performed a valuable service by calling out […]
  • Vintage Skeeball Game
    I wouldn’t want one in my house, but the lines are gorgeous:
  • Harry Reid’s House of Lords
    I’ve complained before about how Harry Reid’s fealty to the administration is doing lasting damage to the Senate as an independent institution.  Someone else has noticed, as well, as he’s now obstructing the NDAA: The real culprit here is Sen. Reid, who seems more intent on running interference for the administration than legislating the people’s […]
  • Democrats vs. the Self-Employed
    Joel Kotkin: Why is this the case? Ironically, this may be a reaction to expansive regulatory regimes that tend to both reduce corporate employment and also encourage some individuals “to take their talents” solo into the marketplace without having to deal with, for example, labor laws and environmental regulations. … Obamacare is only one aspect […]
  • 3D Imaging Reveals Details of Volcanic Flows
    Not exactly volcano-lancing, but it’s a start: To collect the data, researchers equip airplanes with hundreds of thousands of lasers that scan the terrain at a perpendicular angle to the ground. The lengths of the laser beams indicate the height of the flow, and when multiplied hundreds of thousands of times, the scans can be compiled into […]

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