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Daily Glimpse December 2, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Babbage, Ready For His Close-Up
    From a little over a year ago, some beautiful pictures of the Babbage Difference Engine #2: For some reason, we’ve been conditioned to think of old technology as clunky or ugly.  Often, it was anything but.  The clean lines and repetition, lend even things like power stations, telephone exchanges, and pneumatic tube centers elegance and […]
  • 150 Years Ago Today
    The Capitol Dome was topped off: On December 2, 1863, the last section of the Statue of Freedom was put in place on top of the dome amid a great celebration with military salutes. The interior of the dome was finished in January 1866 when the scaffolding was removed from below Constantino Brumidi’s great fresco, the Apotheosis of […]
  • How Bitcoin Works
    A great infographic explaining everyone’s favorite alternative currency:
  • Cave Photography
    Phenomenal cave shots from all over the world:
  • Amazon PrimeAir
    For those of you not watching 60 Minutes tonight: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took to 60 Minutes to reveal the company’s latest delivery method: drones. In what is likely a cunning reminder of the e-tailer’s upcoming Cyber Monday sales, these bots will apparently be capable of delivering packages up to five pounds (86 percent of orders are apparently under […]
  • Reform to Repatriate?
    Rumblings of rational reform of our corporate tax code, including how we handle foreign earnings: As the Senate Finance Committee’s draft proposals suggest, the US should jettison its worldwide approach to corporate taxation and adopt a territorial system for taxing US MNCs’ foreign earnings. Such a system would provide a level playing field that supports […]

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