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Daily Glimpse November 22, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Some Conservative Advice for Chris Christie
    A reminder that he needs to embrace coalition politics, too: Now, that’s not a deal breaker. You feel the same way about us. There is nothing that says we conservatives can’t grow to like and/or trust you. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. So, in that spirit, let’s share our feelings. … […]
  • Hope In Geneva
    “Iran Talks on Rocks As Two Sides Needle Each Other:” Still, the lack of any direct contact between American and Iranian negotiations on the second day of what is supposed to be a three-day conference was striking. American officials say the talks can be extended through the weekend if a deal was close at hand, […]
  • Why Change The Rules When You Can Ignore Them?
    That’s what Will Baude argues at Volokh: What has the Senate actually done so far, with respect to the filibuster? Some of the reports of what happened today say that the Senate has adopted “new rules” eliminating the filibuster for some purposes. I’m not sure that’s true, in a formal sense. As I understand what happened, the […]
  • Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future
    By looking at the pre-antibiotics past.  With the lifetime of new drugs being shorter and shorter (how much of that is a result of longer and longer test cycles?), drug companies aren’t producing very many of them anymore: I’ve been taking a Coursera course on Nanotech 101.  Faster, please.
  • Nasty As Well As Incompetent
    The always must-read Walter Russell Mead discusses Thomas Edsall’s New York Times op-ed, where Edsall blames mean-spirited white racism for Obamacare’s failures: Middle America isn’t frothing over Obamacare because we are a nation of racist policy wonks who did the math and hate the blacks. The public is angry first (as Edsall mostly seems to understand) […]
  • Hickenlooper Joins Stapleton’s PERA Lawsuit
    I know for a fact that the governor’s office is legitimately worried about the parlous state of PERA’s finances.  Here’s some evidence: Gov. John Hickenlooper has filed a brief in support of Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton’s lawsuit seeking information about employee benefits in the state’s pension system. The Democratic governor’s brief asks the Colorado Supreme […]
  • Say Goodbye to the Monroe Doctrine ?
    John Kerry, you’re no John Quincy Adams. Secretary of State John Kerry declared that “the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over” as he expressed chagrin over U.S. willingness to claim the power to repel European intervention in the Western Hemisphere for 190 years. Kerry’s declaration to the Organization of American States during a speech […]

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