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Yes on 66 Campaign Goes Brave Sir Robin

When danger reared its ugly head
He bravely turned his tail and fled
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin
“Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

That was roughly the approach taken by Abigail Hinga of the Yes on 66 campaign Sunday morning.

In response to WatchdogWire’s coverage of Amendment 66, News Director Roman Moore of Krystal 93 FM in Dillon invited me and a representative of the Yes on 66 campaign to participate in a radio forum of about 45 minutes, to be aired at least once, and podcast on the site.  The show was to be recorded at 1:00 PM.

As I was driving up to Dillon this morning, I got a call from Mr. Moore saying that the Yes on 66 representative had cancelled – without giving a reason – and that he didn’t feel it would be right to continue with the forum with only one side in attendance.  Mr. Moore asked be for a statement, and I gave him the following:  “It’s sad that the out-of-state money and union interests that are backing this amendment don’t want the residents of Summit County to have access to a full and fair debate.  That’s probably because under the new funding formula, it’ll just mean more broken promises to Summit County public school students.”

It should be noted that Watchdog Wire has not taken an official editorial position on Amendment 66, however, we have devoted a fair amount of time to discussing the inconsistencies of those who are supporting the measure, including Governor Hickenlooper and ProgressNow’s Alan Franklin.

In my conversations with Mr. Moore, he never betrayed his own opinion on Amendment 66, only his desire that his listeners be treated to a full debate on the matter, something that he did not believe was happening.  In a message to his listeners – aired several times today and tomorrow – Mr. Moore details the difficulty he had with the Amendment 66 team first in securing a representative, and then in retaining one.  In short, Margaret Carlson, President of the Summit County School Board had agreed to participate.  She then backed out, to be replaced by a former Summit County teacher, Melissa Wagasky.  Ms. Wagasky cancelled this morning.  No reason was given for either cancellation.

Let’s be reasonable here.  The Yes on 66 side has bought a tremendous amount of airtime on Krystal 93 for advertising.  Without a participant, it was clear that Moore wouldn’t be able to have  a forum.  And without a forum, they would effectively muzzle the opposition.  The way this game is normally played, the side who thinks they have nothing to gain ducks and dodges, while the side who wants the debate accuses them of ducking an dodging. But it’s highly unusual – to say the least – to commit several times to a forum and then pull out of it at virtually the last minute.  That’s not politics, it’s just poor form.


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