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Daily Glimpse March 6, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • A Unified Brand – A Consistent UI
    That’s been my experience.  I know we’re trying to do that at Werner.  And it’s definitely affected how our teams interact. If we can agree that consumers see a brand as having one “voice,” I’d argue that the internal organization’s infrastructure should be set up to reflect that singular voice: no more Web team, separate […]
  • Environmentalism As Religion
    Not the first to make the connection, but he thinks through the parallel more thoroughly than most: There are two basic problems with this. The first is that while the religion template taps in to a deep psychological vein in the human spirit – some have suggested humanity may even carry a so-called “God gene” […]
  • Debt Grows Faster Than Economy for Foreseeable Future
    More invaluable work from the Mercatus Center: Even in the steady-state starting in about 2016.  Which implies that it won’t be so steady-state, after all.
  • Tourists Like To Live To Show Off Their Photos
    Which makes their return to Kashmir significant: India won by sealing the border and flooding the province with soldiers and police. The largely Moslem population of Kashmir eventually got tired of the Islamic terrorism and stopped supporting the Islamic radical groups. With few local recruits, far fewer trained terrorists crossing from Pakistan and growing casualties […]
  • Big(ger)Country?
    Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno, whom some are pushing as a Republican Vice Presidential nominee, is predicting that the territory will finally vote for statehood this fall.
  • Is Iran Already Nuclear-Capable?
    From Germany, a report that North Korea may already have tested an Iranian bomb back in 2010: But why should North Korea keep the nuclear tests secret? asks Rühle. North Korea proudly advertised its previous nuclear tests. But the North Korean tests of 2006 and 2009 used bombs with a plutonium core. The 2010 tests, […]
  • The New Old Lie
    Why the Left hates Act of Valor, and keeps churning out crap like Rendition and In the Valley of Elah: War, after all, is about competing purposes, competing causes, competing ideals—produced by polities, defined by policymakers, put into action by military professionals, and fought for by average soldiers. War itself does not care about the […]
  • When Predator Becomes Prey
    Looking at the next generation of drones, and drone self-defense counter-measures: Against a well-equipped opponent the U.S. will have to rely more on space satellites (thus the great fear of Chinese attacks up there), higher UAV losses and the use of things like one-use rockets equipped with cameras. Ironically, the smaller UAVs like Raven will […]
  • How Keynes Overwhelmed Hayek
    It’s not just about being right: The truth is that Keynes overwhelmed Hayek, simply by making more interesting and relevant statements. Of course, the roundaboutness of production under capitalism may sometimes lead to waste, but that does not justify government inactivity. Economists have squabbled about many things since the 1930s, including the relative effectiveness of […]
  • Roundup of Reaction to Obama’s AIPAC Speech
    Some good, mostly concerned with what he whitewashed and left out. Robert Satloff of the Washington Institute for Near East Studies: What fell through the cracks One additional item noticeable by its absence was any message to the people of Iran. This was a lost opportunity. At a time when the administration is counting, at […]
  • The South China Sea Follies
    China begins clarifying their claims to the South China Sea.  They might not insist on the whole thing, after all. Nevertheless, even articulation of a large but UNCLOS-compliant claim would offer several advantages in terms of dispute resolution. It would clarify where China’s EEZ claims from islands in the South China Sea overlap with the […]
  • Megan McArdle Takes a Break
    From blogging.  But there will be guest bloggers!
  • Photo Gallery: East Germany’s Transformation
    From Der Speigel.  The before-and-after photos are striking. A couple of years ago, I found myself in a conversation with an old State Department hand who had been stationed in East Germany.  When I commented that the East Germans were better off with the Communists gone and Germany re-united – which, to be honest, I […]
  • Dems Urge CFTC Action:
    Blame Wall Street for gas prices they say aren’t high enough: “It is one of your primary duties — indeed, perhaps your most important — to ensure that the prices Americans pay for gasoline and heating oil are fair, and that the markets in which prices are discovered operate free from fraud, abuse and manipulation,” […]
  • Running Robot
    DARPA’s running Cheetah robot has been all over the Interwebs today:

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