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Daily Glimpse March 3, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Cancelling Those Oil “Subsidies”
    From Heritage: For instance, the unfair tax break that makes up nearly half of what Obama calls “subsidies” is the manufacturing tax credit. All manufacturers except the oil and gas industry get to deduct 9 percent of their revenues before calculating their tax bills. (It’s worth noting that “manufacturing” is so broadly defined that it […]
  • Everybody Loves Andrew
    Patrician Heaton remembers Andrew Breitbart. I think a lot of conservative bloggers are going to discover their Inner Breitbart, now that he’s not around to be Breitbart for them.
  • AIPAC and Iran and Israel and Obama
    The annual AIPAC Policy Conference is the first part of next week, and things with Iran may be coming to head around the same time.  Purim has never seemed so timely.  So a roundup of articles on the subject: Times of Israel: Netanyahu Warns International Community of Iran Trap The New Republic: Can Israel Trust the […]
  • NLRB Add-On Challenge Fails
    Rules the DC District Court: Jackson faulted the plaintiffs for trying to “shoehorn” the recess appointment into a case about an NLRB rule. … The NFIB and other groups had asked the court to consider appointments as part of a legal challenge to an NLRB rule requiring employers to display a poster explaining workers’ rights […]
  • Muslims For The NYPD
    Rally planned for Monday in support of NYPD: On Monday, March 5, Muslim activist M.Zuhdi Jasser will lead a coalition of American Muslims and their supporters at One Police Plaza in New York as they demonstrate their support of the NYPD against accusations by such organizations as CAIR, The New York Times, and radical Islamic groups that they […]
  • Don’t Let Iran Squeeze The Straits
    Says the appropriately-named Pincher, Tory MP: If this is a blinking Contest the international community, committed to free trade and opposed to nuclear proliferation, must face Iran with its eyes wide open. Any lack of resolve at the Strait of Hormuz will send a message to every ambitious state at every international choke point in the world […]
  • Ethanol, Unplugged
    Not doing so well w/o government subsidies.   “Since the subsidy ended Dec. 31, ethanol profit margins have declined sharply, even slipping into negative territory. Experts see no quick turnaround in sight.”  Looks as though even requiring purchases isn’t enough to keep their heads above water.  Of course, to some, this will just be evidence […]
  • A Mormon Senator Who Tried To Save Anne Frank’s Life
    Same religion, people: William H. King concluded his Senate service in 1941 and returned to Utah having failed to open America’s doors to European Jewish refugees — but not for lack of trying. His state had few Jewish voters, and his party was largely against more immigration, but King was driven by his Mormon faith […]
  • Yes, Higher Gas Problems Are A Problem
    No matter what you’re heard.
  • Philanthropy and Democracy
    The connection between the two.
  • The ECB’s European Reflation
    A cash binge that’s not quite doing what was hoped: Two extremely disconcerting features undermine the effectiveness of such an approach, however. Firstly, the ECB needs banks to reduce their leverage positions so as to reduce the impact of sovereign defaults on financial markets over the next several years. The current liquidity operations have forestalled […]
  • Japan Wary Over North Korea
    Well, they’re a lot closer than we are: Japan has similarly welcomed the North’s pledged moratorium, but has taken a more critical tone than the Obama administration. Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba stressed that while the gesture is welcome the “goal remains completely the same – we want Pyongyang to suspend all of its nuclear […]
  • Low Voltage
    GM Volt sales still slow: According to sales figures released today, GM is still far short of the pace needed to sell its previously stated goal of 30,000 Chevrolet Volt’s this year. GM delivered 1,023 Volts in February, up from 603 sold in January, and just 281 a year ago; but this is still short […]

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