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A Challenge to My Democrat Jewish Friends

Swing by the Baltimore Center for Jewish Education on Saturday, but don’t bring your children.  Wear a yarmulke or bring something that distinguishes you as Jewish.  Stay for a while.  Listen to the speeches.  Normally, I’d also advise walking right up to the front door and trying to enter the building, but it’s Shabbat, so the CJE is closed

If you’re not in Baltimore, there should be other, similar opportunities all over the country, although most of those won’t be targeted at Jews in particular so much as Whitey in general.  Yes, the New Black Panthers are at it again.

Afterwards, let your friends and neighbors know about the warm, non-intimidating reception you got.

And then ask yourself – again – why Eric Holder didn’t think that white voters in Philadelphia were intimidated, and decided to drop a case he had already won:


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