Daily Glimpse November 26, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • WordPress.com vs. Censorship
    Going to bat for its users against DMCA abuse: The DMCA system gives copyright holders a powerful and easy-to-use weapon: the unilateral right to issue a takedown notice that a website operator (like Automattic) must honor or risk legal liability. The system works so long as copyright owners use this power in good faith. But […]
  • Reprise: How AIPAC became Obama’s Syria Scapegoat
    From a few months ago: It’s an odd assertion, especially as it’s quite clear that the arrow pointed in the other direction: it was the White House that asked AIPAC to put its resources at Obama’s disposal and “do the president a solid,” as one official at a Washington-based Jewish organization told Alana Goodman at the Washington […]
  • Arresting Spanish Tower
    Yes, that would have meant something different a little while ago.  Unfortunately, they forgot to include a picture of the view from the tower.  Via FeelGuide.
  • Narrow Networks Suddenly a Bug, Not a Feature
    Last week, the Washington Post ran a story blaming insurers for limiting choices as a result of Obamacare.  Count on this to be a major part of the administration’s demonization efforts against insurance companies. Funny, I’m old enough to remember when this was a selling point.
  • Tackling Cosmological Fine-Tuning
    Why does the universe appear fine-tuned for life?  This has been a question in science for as long as I can remember.  It’s a normal question – why do physical constants that appear to have nothing to do with one another nevertheless seem to be fine-tuned to one another?  Fine-tuning is a problem for scientists, […]
  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    It’s a fine review, pointing out some of the flaws in the first film that we didn’t get because we haven’t read the books.  But then, I had to be talked into seeing the first movie, and perhaps rated it more highly because 1) the political analogy to today is unmistakable, and 2) I have […]

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