Daily Glimpse November 25, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • What’s Farsi for “Danegeld?”
    That’s the assessment of Michael Doran of the Brookings Institution: …On the nuclear question specifically, I don’t see this as stage one. In my view, there will never be a final agreement. What the administration just initiated was, rather, a long and expensive process by which the West pays Iran to refrain from going nuclear. […]
  • Transport Boondoggles
    They’re not just for light rail and high-speed rail. And let me put this one in a separate paragraph so you don’t miss it: building the Intercounty Connector caused the state to have to raise the gas tax. I repeat from the article: “increasing the gasoline tax.” The Washington area is famous for extreme traffic […]
  • Gettysburg and the New “Proposition” of American Politics
    From The Witherspoon Institute: In Lincoln’s mind, the view of America “under God” hardly translated into a sweeping set of easily identifiable and zealously enforced public policies. His Second Inaugural makes it abundantly clear that “the Almighty has his own purposes” that may or may not comport with the popular religious assumptions of even the […]
  • Minimalist Moscow Cabin
    Yeah, it’s probably the get-away for some well-connected plutocrat who slips Putin useful information every now and then.  Still.
  • Eat Your Heart Out, Macy’s
  • Brady v. Manning XIV
    Have they traded places? In thinking about Manning-Brady XIV, I started rereading some of those old debates and got thinking about the arguments that justified picking one over the other. After all, Brady-Manning wasn’t really about the players; it was a referendum on how you valued numbers versus winning and how much the rest of […]
  • Gorgeous Linearity
    Indeed.  The whole post has 66 photos.

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