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President Whistled For Travelling, Moving His Pivot Foot

If President Obama really is pivoting back to the economy, his political organization doesn’t seem to have gotten the message.

On Monday, at a speech for Organizing for Action, the President reinforced a White House statement that he’d begin a speaking tour, with the goal of refocusing national attention on the economy. At the time, I noticed that even as he and the White House were promoting the tour, Obama was derogating the effectiveness of his speeches:

Then, today, I got an email from OFA, asking me to set aside a day in August for one of their “Actions.” Here’s the calendar:

It’s the president’s usual list of political priorities: immigration “reform,” gun control, global warmism, and a sudden defensiveness about Obamacare, which appears to be about as settled as the “climate science.”

Not much about the economy there, is there?

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