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Daily Glimpse January 8, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Last Week in Amazing Photos
    From NASA’s Dawn mission, the Cornelia Crater on the Vesta asteroid: More from Popular Science.
  • Opera: The Strangest Art
    Opera certainly is odd, if taken at face value: The formal rules disguise the strangeness. The unnatural is successfully passed off as routine. It is to Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker’s credit that in their new book,A History of Opera: The Last 400 Years, they notice all this. Despite their evident love of their subject, […]
  • ARPA Still Working on Solar
    ARPA is still funding solar research: They suggest that by using precisely structured materials to sort sunlight into several different wavelengths, it should be possible to direct each to a semiconductor that has been tuned to be the most efficient for that wavelength. The end result should be the absorption of more energy overall, allowing […]
  • The Most Popular College Majors 2012
    Some of these students will find jobs.
  • New High Speed Liquid Splash Photographs by Markus Reugels
    Edgerton reimagined:

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