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No, that doesn’t stand for Worst Case Scenario.  Unless you’re a Colorado lefty, that is.

It stands of the Western Conservative Summit, down at the Marriott South, and it’s an impressive collection of intellectual and star power that’s going to be there in a few weeks.  The Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs is delighted to be one of the partner groups, so there will be a few of us there, as well, as guests of the event.

I’ve spoken to Arthur Brooks and Joseph Phillips on the air, and am personally looking forward to talking to Foster Friess about his common-sense health care proposals.  Brooks is, frankly, one of the smartest conservative philosophers out there, and of course, I needn’t say more about Prager.  These are speakers and thinkers with national stature, and to have them converging on Denver (ok, Douglas County, but still), rather than having to travel to CPAC to meet them is a treat.

The conservatives there, while they have a broad range of interests, also have a strong sense of America’s place in the world, and reject the isolationism that threatens to back-door its way back into the movement.  They represent fiscal, social, and foreign policy conservatism, in other words, mainstream conservative ideas, many of which have been under-represented in the Republican party in the last few years.

They’re also not the type to mail it in with rehashes of their radio appearances or their writing, so you’ll certainly hear something new from them.

There’s still time to register.  It’s worth it.

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