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Hitting The Trail

So, after casting about for a candidate to challenge Rima Barakat Sinclair, looking for a candidate who's a legitimate conservative, reasonably articulate, with a history in the party, and a record of promoting free markets, personal liberty, and limited government, a group of us has finally hit, me.

Yes, I'll be spending my summer just about the last way I thought I would, petitioning on to the ballot to force a primary, and then going on to represent the party in the fall election.

No, the blog's not going away. If anything, it's going to become more important, as a sounding board for ideas and issues. And as important as this race is to me, what profiteth it man if he gain the nomination and lose his personality?

If you'd like to contribute time or, eventually, money, drop me a line here or at my email,, and you can be plenty sure I'll get back to you.

The adventure begins.

UPDATE: The adventure begins with a little editing. Thanks to all of you who are better proofreaders than I. Maybe there is something to this Army of Davids thing!

I cannot tell you how gratifying it is that people are inquiring as to where you may send campaign contributions, and we have finally set up a campaign committee, "Citizens For Joshua Sharf." The address is:

Citizens For Joshua Sharf
c/o Treasurer Mark Makowitz
PO Box 24926
Denver, CO 80224

Or by PayPal:

In a state house race, even a little goes a long way, so thanks to everyone who sees fit to drop a few bucks in the mail.


Aaaaand, Joshua breaks that previously insurmountable fourth wall between blogging and actually doing something about the things that bug us. Good show! I'm not a Denver resident, but [Michelle Obama]for the first time in my adult life,[/Michelle Obama], I wish I was!

Good for you, buddy!

You might want to reword this:

"Rima Barakat Sinclair, a candidate who's a legitimate conservative, reasonably articulate, with a history in the party, and a record of promoting free markets, personal liberty, and limited government,"

It is a little ambiguous as to whether you are describing yourself or your opponent.

Joshua, your campaign announcement has left many of us utterly confused! You seem to be saying, from the way that your post is written, that you are running against a candidate whom you admit is "a legitimate conservative, reasonably articulate, with a history in the party, and a record of promoting free markets, personal liberty, and limited government."

If she's that great, then what's the point of running against her? After several other blog-readers agreed that they also were confused by your announcement, someone pointed out that YOU are the person who's supposed to be "a legitimate conservative, reasonably articulate, with a history in the party, and a record of promoting free markets, personal liberty, and limited government." But from the way your first sentence is written, that is not clear at all. To anyone who doesn't already know the politics of your opponent, and who saw this posting as an outsider to Colorado politics, one would have to assume that she was the conservative and you, as her opponent, were the left-winger.

If that's not what you wanted to communicate, please consider re-writing your post!

No offense, but you might want to tweak your announcement. It makes it sound like your running against a legitimate conservative, not an islamist sympathizer.

Good luck on your campain and may you open the peoples eyes as to what she really is.


Congratulations on your decision and best of luck! Some astute posters over at LGF are concerned about your message (re: looking for a conservative candidate) - it comes across that the jihadist is just such a candidate. We know that's not what you intend - but perhaps you could re-visit that sentence and spruce it up a bit?

Cool! Where are you running

East Denver, State House District 6.

It's good that you're running for office, but you might want to learn how to write first.

Sorry, but you folks need to re-read the first sentence. It's perfectly clear -- if you've learned English grammar. If your first language is Swahili, then maybe I can understand your confusion.

You will surely end up running against Saudi money and the nazis from CAIR, Joshua, but you can do it. Don't respond to their spit. Just remember that you have a lot of people supporting you--from as far away as Virginia. You need to ask for patriot's help to win the day. Don't be shy about that.

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