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Colorado GOP Under Destruction

I don't think I've seen anything implode this quickly since they set charges to the Kingdome. The latest tactical brilliance comes from the state GOP's website. Here it is:

I mean, here's the entire website.

Yes that's right. In the middle of a statewide election campaign, sitting one seat away from the Senate and a list of Democratic vulnerables away from the House, with redistricting on the line in the governor's race, and Democratic Secretary of State now a real possibility, the state GOP has decided that now would be a good time to take down the website. The filename of the graphic is "cologopundercon," but perhaps "cologopunderground" would be more appropriate.

You don't just decide to redo the website in the middle of the fall campaign on a lark. This kind of incompetence takes lots of planning. The election's been on the calendar since the founding of the Republic. Either the party planned to roll out a site - and therefore be offline - long before September, or Owens and Benson just did their best Mickey Rooney - Judy Garland impersonation. "Hey, whadday say we go out to the web and put up a site?" News flash: the time to figure out rebranding isn't when everyone's looking.

As long as free-spending Bruce Benson is turning into the Peter Angelos of American politics, you'd think he could find a little spare change for a web design firm. On the other hand, that might encourage people to give money. One way to look like the big fish is to shrink the pond.


The Republican Party in Colorado seems determined to have absolutely no legislative power for at least the next 2 years. They have forced unpopular candidates down peoples throats, and they aren't doing anything to increase their popularity. Loyalty to the party has been rewarded by showing the door. I have never seen the base here in Colorado Springs so dispirited and unmotivated. There has to be at least 3-4 Democratic yard signs around for every 1 Republican. That's in El Paso county! If the Pary can't get its act together fast, this state will become the Democratic poster child for change.

I saw this as well - this is insanity. It's like Tony Stewart doing an engine diagnostic test during the last 100 miles of a 500 mile NASCAR race.

I'm not asking for perfect leadership or leaders, just competent ones. Just like Lucy did with Ricky Ricardo, state GOP has some 'splainin to do.

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