Predictable Response

I’m getting ready to hit the road here in Hazleton, Penn.  This morning’s news is full of angry reactions over the health care bill at Senators’ and Representatives’ townhall meetings.

Come late August, maybe a week before Congress reconvenes, expect a speech from Obama explaining how, “we heard from you.  Boy, did we hear from you.  And we listened.”  Obama will then go on to explain how the bill’s revisions that he is proposing will meet these complaints.  It’s unlikely that the bill will actually contain much retreat from the President’s goals of socializing the system.  In fact, he may use the break as an opportunity to re-insert some of the bolder proposals in the initial bill, and sell them as meeting people’s demands.

Why so late?  Well, it will give resentment a chance to build.  Scared Democrats may be looking for a political victory (i.e., as bill passed) and at the same time be looking to make use of Obama’s personal (although not policy) popularity.  And of course, the less time people have to actually look at the thing, the more likely Congress will be to pass it.

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