Rally, Counter-Rally on Health Care

Just a couple of quick shots from last evening’s rally and counter-rally at the state capitol on health care.  (Sandoval has the pix on the lunch-time AFP rally.)  First, the rally.  It was organized by the Obama after-campaign and the SEIU, and it showed.  There were three signs in abundance: a purple SEIU-inspired sign, sheets that read, “Single Payer,” and those blue leftovers from last year’s campaign:

And the counter-rally, held down on Lincoln to frequent horn-honks:

For all that time, union muscle, and organization, the socialists managed about 200.  The counter, consisting mostly of different people from the afternoon AFP event, with only a few hours to publicize, got 100 people.  (Don’t try counting the people in this photo.  I shot a panoramic series and counted them individually at home, since I’m pretty lousy at estimating crowd sizes.)

The Channel 7 report, naturally, all but ignored the large AFP rally, showing only footage from this evening’s Obamafest.  Although they were eager to find someone from the “other side,” they probably could have found someone better.   Here’s the video report.

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