Yom Ha’Atzmaut

So, after a full day of remembrance of victims of actual war, fake war breaks out, the weapons being these little plastic squeaky hammers and silly string.  Someone’s going to suggest Judah Maccabee for the former, which leaves one searching in vain for one of his brothers, “The String.”  Other than leaving cities full of empty cans of the stuff, and the fact that the songs are all sung right-to-left, the holiday would be pretty familiar to Americans.

While the holiday is celebrated full-throated, time and a couple of decades of lefty propaganda have taken their toll, and one senses that the steely-eyed willingness to do whatever it took to assert a rightful claim to an ancestral homeland has been somewhat eroded.  So rather than Hatikvah, which you can find all over the place, I’ll post HaPalmach, the anthem of one of the militias that fought first the British, and then the Arabs, to help secure the country in 1948:

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