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If things in Iran work out, there may be a movie with much greater world significance than Al Gore’s efforts of a few years ago.  Red County has learned, from sources close to the movie’s production, that The Stoning of Soraya M has become quite the hit on the Iranian street, with copies being smuggled in to meet the demand for group screenings in private homes.  This is roughly the equivalent of The Magnificent Seven being shown on the other side of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

Such films serve an educational purpose in the West.  But in Iran, they stiffen resolve.  They remind the population what all that fighting in the streets is about.  It assures them that their overseas countrymen haven’t forgotten them, even as Iran tries to stifle debate in the West by threatening families left at home.  And it provides some hope that the US and the West might yet be roused to help these people.  Who knows?  Maybe the Ayatollah Khameini saw the film and glimpsed his future, which would explain his sudden 100-hour check on his personal jet.

Of course, since the Iranian government is in bed with the Chinese, maybe it could prevail on them to cut a few hundred thousand pirate copies to satisfy demand.  I doubt the movie’s producers would object.

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