Election Day in Colorado

While lacking the national cache of N-23 or a govenor’s race in a bellwether state (that comes next year), Colorado does have some election activity of its own this year.  With the usual caveats about off-year turnout, here are some of the more interesting races to keep an eye on.

  • In Douglas County, the non-partisan school board race has turned partisan, as the teachers’ unions try to seize control of that body in a heavily Republican county.  The local Republican party has responded by endorsing a slate of four candidates of its own.  Good luck to Dan GerkenDoug Benevento, Meghann Silverthorn and incumbent John Carson
  • In Denver, voters will elect some of the new school board as well.  I’m personally supporting Mary Seawell, who’s a big booster of Charter Schools.  She’ll probably cruise to victory fairly easily.
  • Denver will also decide whether or not to require police officers to impound the vehicle of someone found driving without a license.  Widely seen as targeting illegal immigrants, the law does provide an out for someone whom the officer can determine has a license and insurance, but that hasn’t kept the so-called progressives from emailing energetically about the unfairness of it all.  The state auditor finally got around to reporting on this issue yesterday, as voting ends.  Look for this to fail.
  • And last but not least, my friend Katie Witt is running for City Council up in Longmont, the more Republican area of Boulder County, and we’re all looking forward to a win up there for her.

So while the Tea Party Express rolls into town, CCU has its Governor Canddiates’ Forum, and the Mayor of Jerusalem speaks over at DU, we’ll be watching New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Maine, and Washington State.

And a little action closer to home, too.

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