Daily Glimpse November 23, 2013

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • Macy’s, Eat Your Heart Out
    Via Colossal:
  • A Conflict of Visions on Colorado Education
    Tuesday night, the defeated Dems gathered to lick their wounds and survey the wreckage of Amendment 66.  Almost universally, they were unwilling to discard the grand vision of universal day care preschool and all-day kindergarten that Amendment 66 had promised, if not sold as. Yesterday, Joyce Rankin, wife of State Rep. Bob Rankin and a […]
  • Villa Overby
    Sweden.  Lots of gorgeous pictures.  Two of my favorites: I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that, peaceful and calming as skillful modern architecture can be, it requires clean surfaces and long sightlines to work well.
  • Retro Future Backsplash
    With Star Wars Death Star tiles: But at the same time, ILM needed whatever design they came up with to be practical, something they could build quickly and film from many different angles without obviously betraying that the so-called Death Star was just a model built on a warehouse floor. ILM’s solution was genius: they […]

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