Daily Glimpse July 9, 2012

Daily Links From Glimpse From a Height

  • The Muslim Brotherhood Owns Egypt
    Commentary reviews the history: Since then, at each turn of the road, as the Muslim Brotherhood gradually hijacked the Egyptian transition, commentators told us there was no need to worry. The Muslim Brotherhood would only contest a small number of seats (they did not); they would not have a candidate of their own for the presidency (they did); and their […]
  • Israel in NATO and the EU?
    Bulgaria’s former foreign minister in the Times of Israel: Israel should more assertively seek to join NATO and the European Union, Bulgaria’s former foreign minister has told The Times of Israel. If anybody is qualified to give Israel such advice, it’s likely Solomon Passy, who spearheaded the former Warsaw Pact member state’s successful membership bids […]
  • Why Germany Just Got More Nervous About The Prospect Of The UK Leaving The EU
    We can work it out: “It won’t be easy, but arguably, the Germans have more to fear from being left isolated within the eurozone than they do from a new bargain with Britain. If the choice is between the UK leaving or getting some EU powers back, Berlin may – after a lot of posturing, […]
  • Looking Back From a Better Place
    From an old oleh in the Times of Israel: I don’t have to worry that my next bus journey could be my last or think about where I am physically sitting in a café or restaurant, or even whether to risk going to the café or restaurant altogether. Today, I cannot ignore the suffering of […]
  • Get the UN’s Hands Off the Internet
    From the Mercatus Center: While a greater role for the UN is still a long way from it “taking over the Internet” as some fear, this is just the beginning. If this year’s meeting is successful, the countries that get their ideas adopted in the treaty will be even bolder at meetings already planned for […]
  • Bleeding Heart Libertarians Bottom Line on Worker Freedom
    BHL explain where they’re coming from on worker freedom: We BHLs are for the most part not hard, deontological libertarians. We are liberals who think that a major part of the justification for property rights and market institutions has to do with their expected consequences for all decent, conscientious people. We think that in the […]
  • No troop reduction in Jammu and Kashmir: Army
    From the Times of India: Observing that security situation has improved in Jammu and Kashmir, Army on Monday said there was no move to reduce the number of troops deployed in the state as it might lead to problems for security forces engaged in counter terrorist operations for over two decades. “No, there is no such proposal… […]
  • Chemical engineers use lasers to put new spin in computing
    Perhaps some advances in quantum computing: “Quantum computing is one of the holy grails of science and engineering,” says Reimer. “In conventional computing, we use the charge of electrons, either positive or negative, to encode either a zero or one. That’s a ‘bit,’ the basic building block of digital calculations. We can also encode a […]
  • Track Record In China Sets Cisco’s “TOS” Scandal In A More Sinister Light
    TechCrunch on a controversy involving home routers and Cisco’s Terms of Service: Ars Technica’s Jon Brodkin experiencedthe issue himself after buying a Cisco Linksys EA3500 dual-band wireless router. Soon after installing it, he was notified of a firmware update. A sign up page appeared for Cisco Connect Cloud when he tried to access the browser’s internal administrative Web […]
  • UK Judge says Galaxy Tab ‘not as cool’ as iPad, awards Samsung win in design suit
    Your product is so uncool, you couldn’t possibly have stolen it from Apple, an we’re not sure why Apple would want to claim it, anyway: A judge in the UK handed a win to Samsung in anintellectual property dispute, calling the Galaxy Tab “not as cool” as the iPad, and therefore not likely to get […]
  • No Vote Fraud? New Twist in Rangel “Win”
    From Commentary: At a time when Democrats around the country, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have been vociferously claiming there is no such thing as voter fraud in the United States and that efforts to uphold the integrity of elections are a form of racism, the senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus appears to […]
  • Goldfinger’s Dictum and the Democrats
    From John Steele Gordon at Commentary: How about 17 times?  That’s the number of states that elected Republican governors in 2010, thanks to Tea Party demands for fiscal conservatism. And as Breitbart reports today, 17 is the number of those states that have seen a drop in unemployment since January 2011. While the national unemployment rate has dropped […]
  • How Romney Can Win: The GOP candidate should stand for free markets—and align himself with the vast majority of Americans.
    Luigi Zingales at the City Journal: A recent New York Times op-ed by Bill Scher, “How Liberals Win,” must be commended for its honesty. Scher presents a compelling historical narrative of how Democrats are happy to ally themselves with big business in a Faustian pact to foster anti-market policies. … In fact, by inverting Scher’s argument, one […]
  • Global warming will expand forests over what are now grasslands.
    Via Ann Althouse: These burgeoning forests will then rather neatly lock up in the biosphere all that extra carbon that we have been releasing into the atmosphere. Or some of it. But the major point of this paper is that far from climate change being a threat to the tropical forests, it looks as if […]
  • Seizing home loans through eminent domain: more like grand theft mortgage than a silver bullet
    The American Enterprise Institute comments on California’s latest scheme to “jump-start” the housing market” With billions of dollars at stake, the plan’s legality will be challenged by bond holders resulting in a multi-year legal battle. We are already 6 years into the crisis. This will only further delay the clearing of markets. The question is […]
  • Higgs Boson May Be An Imposter, Say Particle Physicists
    From God Particle to Fraud Particle? Today, Ian Low at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois and a couple of buddies comb through the data in an attempt to throw some light on this question. Their conclusion is that the data is consistent with at least two other particles that are not the standard Higgs boson. […]
  • Volcano House for Sale
    In Vegas, of course: Initially the house was commissioned by Vard Wallace, an engineer who built a business selling drafting machines and airplane parts to the likes of Lockheed & Co. during World War II. Wallace, also an inventor who patented the first “skateboard” (a plank with wheels and a short pole for steering), picked […]
  • MoveOn.Org Apologizes For Condemning Racist Anti-Semite Candidate
    Reports Breitbart.com: MoveOn had written an e-mail to its members that Barron was “unfit to serve” because he has spent his career “specializing in divisive, offensive, and just plain outrageous statements and behavior.” Now, in an amazing twist, MoveOn e-mailed an apology  – for its condemnation of Barron — to its members, according to the New […]

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